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AMIS-Cameroon represents Cameroonian farmers on both a local and international level.

Locally, we provide farmers with information that helps them make educated decisions about which crops to plant, the best season and method of planting that would yield the most returns, where to sell their produce, how to detect pest and fungal attacks at very early stages, and how to treat these attacks on time. We also organize training seminars that educate farmers about farming practices that preserve soil fertility and protect the ecosystem and about conservation methods for highly perishable produce.

At the international level, AMIS-Cameroon negotiates markets for farmers’ produce. In order to make their products meet the competition standard in international markets, we provide farmers with directives about harvesting, packaging and conservation practices. With this knowledge, famers can ensure that their products will receive the required ISO certification to be sold on the global market.

In addition, we offer the following services:

  • Consultancy services through our Keep It Simple Kit advisory program
  • Training seminars for farmers
  • Advice to government agencies on back office integration techniques
  • Lectures on E-Government services


Join Us!

Are you a farmers’ cooperative or just a single farmer who wishes to benefit from our services? Join us by filling the form below and we will get in touch with you to discuss how you can join and get involved in our programs.


AMIS Cash Points

Are you a shopkeeper or a trader? Do you want to become an accredit AMIS Cash Point Vendor? Send us an email at or fill out the form below, and we will personally visit you for briefing if you application is accepted.

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